We are specialized in design and installation of industrial coating systems for medium and large companies.

MdTech has been ranking a prominent position in Italy in the field of industrial coating systems design..


Systems design

Professionality, expertise and innovation lead us during the realisation of coating systems. There are numerous national and international projects developed by technicians, whose professionality and expertise are assured by the attendance at training and revision courses.
The common characteristics of MdTech’s designs are the constant search of innovative solutions, the optimizzation of investments and the security of the systems. Innovative products more and more refined, suitable for the client’s need and result of an accurate design integrated by the usage of proper materials.


Technical solutions

Research and development of new technologies to improve the systems performances give us the chance to supply the client with a detailed analisys, which aims to give technical solutions focused on the managment of the coating system, which is costume-made with the best Kremlin Rexson products.


Consulting Process

We provide our clients with constant consulting during the pre-sale period in order to suggest the best industrial coating system together with an efficient installation and start up service and a qualified and trained staff in order to optimize the use of the machineries installed.


Technical assistance

We provide constant technical assistance and highly specialized services together with a constant maintainance service over the system. Repairing parts are always available in storage for any substitution.


High quality service

In case of anomalies of the system, we provide for technical assistance and high quality service to resolve every problem as soon as possible.


Scheduled mantainance service

We offer specialized technical work both on coating systems designed by Mdtech and by other companies and, moreover, we constantly check the system through scheduled mantainance services


Relocation and modification

We design and realize any kind of modification and relocation of caoting systems already installed, to satisfy every specific need with the typical quality of our methods.


Test center

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